Winter Windows: The Best Choice for Cold Temperatures

Winter is on its way, and many people dread it. The plunging temperatures and more-than-inconvenient precipitation can make it difficult and dangerous to commute. Even getting groceries becomes a big chore. For most people, however, the worst part of winter is watching their energy bills soar.

Why Your Home Could Be Costing You

Heating (and cooling) your home is a very energy-demanding process. Temperature control is responsible for about 48% of a home’s energy use, on average. That same home wastes as much as 30% of heating and cooling energy through inefficient windows – whether from leaks around the frames or simply temperature transfer through the glass.

A window is a window, right? In the past, maybe, but today it’s just not the case. Technological advancements are always improving window construction and performance. Finding the most efficient option is easier than you may think – and it could save you a bundle in the long run.

The Energy Star Label

The Energy Star program is one of the easiest ways to evaluate window efficiency. The best products will display the Energy Star label, so you know what you are buying. The United States government backs this program, which works to recognize the most energy-efficient products and provides financial incentives (in the form of tax credits) for consumers.

Many people know to look for the Energy Star label on washing machines, refrigerators, and dryers, but they might not know the ratings are available for windows, too. If you’re on the hunt for replacement windows, ask about the Energy Star rating (and rebates) first.

You Get What You Pay For

At Tri County Windows & Siding, we always strive to provide the highest quality materials. Other companies, not so much. Be aware of deals that look too good to be true. Take the $189 window, for example. Sure, you’ll get a window, but it’ll be a super-basic, highly inefficient model. You’ll more than likely see higher energy costs in the long run, because such windows will allow massive heat loss.

They allow heat loss because they lack insulating gasses. These gasses, like argon, are pumped between the panes of glass to prevent or lessen heat transfer. Unfortunately, these substances can be pricey. Make sure your new windows include gas.

Choosing new windows can seem overwhelming, but Tri County Windows & Siding is here to help. Give us a call anytime so we can schedule your free estimate. There’s no obligation because helping you is what we do.

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