Timeless Picture Windows

Bow windows are sometimes called compass windows. They have been a popular architectural choice since the 1700s in Europe. Common bow window styles mimic the panoramic windows on old ships at sea. The design features an outward curve from the home with four or more individual windows. In contrast, bay windows only feature three.

Bow Windows Image

Purpose and Functionality

This window option is perfect for allowing light to permeate an interior room and can provide an improved view of the home’s exterior. Bow windows are beautiful in older, more classic homes, but contemporary designs may also complement a modern home. The designs are completely customizable as bow windows feature several smaller windows which can be fixed or operable.

Curve the space protruding from your home as much or as little as you want. You may also choose to create an exterior that is flush with the ground or feature a window ledge that allows for plants to grow under the window space. While most bow windows are featured at lower levels of a residence, they can also be placed on upper stories with a window seat so you can sit and enjoy the outdoor view.

Choosing a bow window automatically focuses attention within your home. The style is eye catching, panoramic, and classic. Commonly seen in living and dining rooms, the windows have the benefit of adding real and perceived space to an interior room. If you’re looking for a way to update the interior and exterior of your home at the same time, the addition of a bow window is the perfect solution.

The windows may be stationary or include casement or double hung windows for ventilation. The options for modern bow windows are energy efficient, making the choice even more beneficial for homeowners looking to save money long term.

Enjoy the three-dimensional style when you look at window treatments and furniture to accompany your new bow window. The possibilities for personalized style and beautiful exterior views are limitless with a bow window.

Energy Saving Window Packages

For those aiming to optimize energy efficiency within their homes, our energy-efficient packages warrant exploration. We recognize that the ingress of light and window quality significantly impact long-term energy costs. Our recommendations are meticulously tailored to each client’s requirements, ensuring a satisfying outcome in terms of product and installation.

Whether you have a particular style in mind, seek to replace aging windows, or aspire to revolutionize your home’s illumination, we stand ready to assist. Tri County extends competitive pricing to guarantee our clients attain the most favorable rates for their endeavors. With a steadfast commitment to business integrity and superior craftsmanship, we are confident you will delight in your picture window undertaking.

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