Multiple Uses of a Garden Windows

Garden windows are a popular way to provide easy access to plants while giving them the sunlight necessary to thrive. They are especially useful for plants that are sensitive to extreme heat or cold, or to grow herbs year round in a kitchen area.

Finding the Ideal Placement

Garden windows are often constructed like a small solarium, and rather than being covered with roofing, the top is also glass which allows for an abundance of sunlight. There are many different ways to configure a garden window to suit your needs.

Many garden windows are constructed with vented openings on the sides to allow for temperature regulation since sunlight is allowed in from almost every direction. This feature keeps the area from temperature extremes year round.

The most common area in the home for garden windows is the kitchen. A built-in dining or breakfast nook will feature a garden window as a focal point for the area.

If you do not already have a garden window, choose the area based on where you are most likely to interact with and enjoy the plants stored there. For temperature control, indoor plants, and allowing natural light and fresh air into the home, the garden window is a great solution.

Ready to Explore the Installation Process?

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