Not Just For Basements

Hopper windows are well known for their use in basements. Basement areas without natural light can seem cave-like and dank. Hopper windows provide a solution that keeps out unwanted yard debris while allowing for ventilation and lighting. Perfect for any hard to light area, hopper windows are durable and affordable.

Hopper Windows Image


The construction of a hopper window features a bottom hinge that allows the top of the window to tilt inward. The result is an area of ventilation while the sash prevents unwanted dirt or mud from entering the home. When closed the windows are secure and prevent airflow and moisture, a must-have for any window solutions that are close to ground level.

In addition to basements, the hopper window is great for other areas including attics and small spaces where other solutions won’t work as well. If necessary, you can open the full window for maximum airflow.

Hoppers feature an easy-open handle that unlocks the window open with a simple turn. These windows are ideal for spaces that require a window to open toward the inside.

Natural ventilation in otherwise small or closed-off spaces can improve the health of individuals living in the home. It can also improve the home by allowing fresh air in and reducing the amount of moisture or mold growth when used appropriately.

Knowledgable and Professional

Tri County has experience with installing hopper windows for a number of different applications. Our goal is to help you find the most affordable solution for your natural lighting and ventilation needs. Whether you need to restructure your entire space or you want to replace a window with poor seals or old technology, our team of professionals is ready to help you transform your home.

Call us for a free consultation and estimate. From start to finish, we are confident you will love the experience. Tri County is known for value and quality. We only use carefully selected products that are durable and performance ready. Take advantage of our installation and services throughout Northern Virginia today.