Natural Light and Ventilation

Awning windows are similar to casement windows. They are the perfect solution for anywhere you need access to natural light and easy ventilation. Homeowners typically install this type of window in kitchens and bathrooms.

The window structure includes a top hinge that allows the window to tilt outward from the bottom. Unlike other window designs, the awning window can even be opened to allow in fresh air during a rainstorm. The tilting technology prevents rain from entering the interior of your home.

Awning Window Unique Features

The window design features a top hinge enabling the window to pivot outward from the bottom. Unlike conventional window styles, awning windows can be opened even during rainy conditions, as their tilting mechanism prevents rain from infiltrating the interior.


Open the window while cooking or cleaning and enjoy the sunlight and fresh air. When closed, the style affords homeowners with an airtight seal, improving a home’s overall energy efficiency. Easy open construction and a variety of styles rank this window choice high for any windows needed at eye level when standing.

Awning windows are also great solutions for window security. Most designs are small and the slight openings discourage entrance. They are typically used at eye level or higher in the home, making access to the window space difficult.


This style is not well suited for any areas that are low to the ground on the exterior or in areas where people will be moving around the exterior of the house (e.g., a porch). The protrusion of the window sash increases the likelihood of injury or damage to the window in these high-traffic areas.

Consider installing adjacent awning windows in rooms where light and airflow are important without blocking off a section of the room from furniture placement. Available in a number of different sizes and designs, choose these windows for hard to light areas, stair landings, or workrooms.

Our Service

Tri County has experience with installing awning windows for a number of different applications. Our goal is to help you find the most affordable solution for your natural lighting and ventilation needs. Whether you need to restructure your entire space or you want to replace a window with poor seals or old technology, our team of professionals is ready to help you transform your home.

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