Effortless and Energy-Efficient

Similar to their cousin, the awning window, the casement window is one of the most popular styles. This window is distinguished by its ability to fit almost every space or need and allow for full window opening as the sash swings outward on a hinge to the left or right.

Placement and Style

Casement windows are known for easy opening and the ability to fully open the window. Letting in fresh air is as easy as turning a handle in one smooth motion. Double or multiple casement windows in a row may be configured to open all in one direction or to open opposite one another like French doors.

Casement windows offered by Tri County are all energy efficient solutions that are durable and affordable. When closed, the window is airtight, making it ideal for any area that commonly receives direct wind gusts.

Placement of casement windows varies based on personal preference. The style is ideal for living rooms, kitchens, studies, and bedrooms. When considering where to place your casement windows, knowing which direction the wind normally blows can be helpful. Cracking the window open will allow more of the breeze to enter the home, but only if the wind is not blocked by the open window sash.

In some cases, it may be beneficial to install casement windows with other styles of windows. Consider adding an awning window above or below a casement window for more ventilation or next to a picture window in a bay configuration. The hinged nature of a casement window also makes it convenient to clean without having to move to the exterior of the home.

Our Service

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