Residential Hinged Doors

When an area needs a lot of light but does not require the double entry of a French door design, the hinged patio door is a perfect alternative. Our hinged patio doors allow access through one door that may include a full-length pane of glass or other decorative design and one stationary section that provides extra light.

Hinged Patio Doors Image

Quality and Durability

Hinged patio doors are a contemporary design that provide energy efficiency, movement between spaces, and are variety of materials and finishes. The hinged style is perfect for providing homeowners with plenty of natural light while opening up the space for indoor/outdoor entertainment needs.

Reliable Choice for Your Patio Doors

Homeowners interested in hinged patio doors, rather than traditional French doors, may be interested in the design and practicality of having one traditional door. Contemporary door designs also include multi-locking features for added security when closed.

Tri County only uses doors that have been carefully considered for quality and durability. You will have access to wood-grained textured steel, fiberglass, and smooth steel hinged patio doors with our end-to-end service.

Fiberglass is a material commonly associated with boat hull construction but is also a quality choice for patio doors. The material mimics wood without the continual maintenance and damage issues common to wood door construction. Our steel options are also deceptively beautiful, without the industrial look that is often associated with steel – affording homeowners with exceptional security and a much longer lifespan than wood doors.

Whether you’re interested in decorative glass that maintains your privacy and allows in light or you want a clear view from your home’s interior, we have a solution that will meet your needs. Matching the home interior and exterior is an important aspect of choosing a secondary entry door. The doors our company provides are available in a wide variety of stains and colors so that we can match your doorway with your home.

Tri-County Commitment to Quality

At Tri County, our commitment to quality extends far beyond the materials that we use. We are humbled by the reputation we’ve built in Northern Virginia for excellence in value and trust. Allow us to help you with your next exterior home improvement project as we continue to build on our foundation of value and hard work.

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