French Door Solutions

French doors are typically used at the rear of a home, providing access to a porch or patio. One door can be opened as a single entrance or a secondary, adjacent door can also be opened to allow for greater access to the interior or exterior of the home. Popular for entertainment purposes, French doors are classic and guaranteed to improve the value of your home.

Most Popular Selection of Doors

If you’re looking to replace your current patio door, an old set of French doors, or create a completely new doorway, you’ll find the right solution at Tri County. French doors are exceptional solutions for allowing in light and improving the security of your home. Newer constructions are also energy efficient, making the decision to replace your older doors easy.

Classic French doors feature solid panes of glass that run the length of the doors. Wood or other materials frame the doorway and add extra security and durability to the construction. Consider adding stationary windows on either side of the doors for a panoramic view of your patio and backyard.

Whether you choose French doors that require one door to open at a time or timeless versions that can be opened simultaneously, French doors add value to your home and are low maintenance alternatives to other forms of doorways. Enjoy the open entryway in the warmer seasons and the light through the glass during winter months. French doors are the perfect solution for your home’s indoor/outdoor space.

Traditional French Doors by Tri County

Tri County is known throughout northern Virginia for value and integrity. If you’re looking for a small, exterior home renovation that includes the installation of French doors or a large project that completely transforms the exterior of your home, our team is ready to help you create the home of your dreams.

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