Winter Preparedness for Your Windows

Winter is quickly approaching, and you must prepare your home for the Virginia ice. An important part of this preparation should include ensuring your windows and siding are in good condition to outlast a winter storm. Winter wind and snow will highlight small issues with your siding, but you can prevent expensive repairs in the future with simple tweaks.

Sealing Gaps

Check your windows, doors, and exterior for any cracks or gaps. Pay special attention to old or cracking caulk, holes made by animals or insects, and any other openings or breaks. Gaps in your windows and doors can make drafts. Clean off old caulk before re-applying new caulk, and use that caulk or an appropriate sealant to fix other gaps. Left untreated, these gaps can let moisture in, lead to mold and rot, and create serious drafts and air leaks.

Insulating Windows

Keep cold air out of your home and warm air in by ensuring your windows are properly closed, sealed, and insulated. This step will reduce drafts and improve the costs of your energy bills. You can use caulk as interior and exterior sealant for your windows and sealing up other exterior cracks. You can also opt for weatherstripping or other insulation options. You may replace your old windows with energy-efficient windows to ensure permanent insulation.

Siding Repairs

If you have damaged siding, you must repair it or get new siding. Just like other gaps or cracks in your home’s exterior, this can allow drafts, pests, and other weather elements to damage your house. Causes of damage may include insects, wear and tear, or warping from varying weather conditions. You can replace the damaged siding with the same type to ensure durability.

If you currently have wood siding or clapboard siding, the temperature changes throughout the year will likely continue to damage this material and you could need replacement constantly. To avoid replacing siding one damaged section at a time, it may be best to get a vinyl siding replacement. Vinyl will better withstand the cold winter weather and is a long-lasting waterproof option for new siding.

Cleaning Your Home and Siding

You should clean old caulk to apply new caulk and clear off the debris buildup on your house’s siding. The dirt, leaves, mildew, and moss buildup can allow bugs and pests to get into your home, and it can harm or fade the siding. You can sweep off, scrub off, or even use a power washer on the debris to get the job done. However, be sure not to cause further damage with a power washer that is too strong.

You might also use this opportunity to clear off debris buildup in your gutters. If your gutters are clogged, there will likely be overflowing water, particularly during snowmelt. That can create serious damage to the siding.

If you need upgrades to your siding or windows, contact our experts at Tri County Windows & Siding. We want to help you ensure your home is ready for winter.

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