Winter Home Maintenance

Now is the time to make a thorough inspection of some simple maintenance issues around your home.  Winter is officially here, so the time is right to brace for any dangerously cold temperatures. 

For the most part, these are quick and inexpensive fixes to keep the cold out, seal the heat in and have a positive impact on both your comfort and your home’s energy efficiency.

Before the weather gets too nasty – start outside.

Clean and check your gutters.

Clear all debris and check for any leaks.  Position all downspouts to move water away from the foundation.  While you are on the ladder, cut away any tree branches that hang over your house. The added weight of snow or ice can cause branches to fall and do damage.

Check your windows.

Gaps around the window frames and doors can allow air to leak inside. Inspect, secure or replace any weather stripping and be ready to caulk on the exterior as needed.  For extra drafty windows and doors, consider caulking the inside, too. If you see interior condensation on window panes, either your interior humidity is too high or colder air is breaching your window and getting inside. 

Protect your waterlines.

The first step is paying attention to where your waterlines are located – especially on older homes.  Attics and crawl spaces can be problematic in sub-zero conditions and may expose your waterlines to harsh winds and cold temperatures. Waterlines in crawl spaces should be wrapped in insulation. Make sure any crawl space vents are closed in winter.

Draft guards for exterior doors.

With older doors and drafty rooms, heat will escape where the base of a door meets the sill plate. Consider a foam draft guard to remediate this problem. Or, a tightly rolled bath towel works well (and cheaper).

And, here’s a quick checklist for the interior of your home:

Adjust ceiling fans to clockwise.

They are a favorite summer budget-saver and improve airflow. But, they can help out in the winter as well if you adjust them to move in a clockwise direction. That way, they push the hot air that naturally rises to the ceiling – back down toward the floor.

Replace furnace filters.

By regularly changing your filters, you optimize the efficiency and longevity of your heating and central air system. Long term, it’s a money-saver.

Install a programmable thermostat.

A programmable thermostat makes life a little bit easier. This device allows homeowners to set a desired temperature and automatically adjust for sleeping hours, work hours, etc. Especially during the winter season, a programmable thermostat allows you to save money on your energy bills. And, if you already have one, read the manual and learn how to use it effectively!

If you notice bigger issues with windows, doors and/or gutters, call Tri County for solutions. We can help to relieve the stress of homeownership by providing the best products and most complete improvement projects for your home. New windows, new doors, siding or gutters – we’re here to help.

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