Window Maintenance Tips for End of Summer

The dog days of summer are quickly approaching, which means that autumn and cooler weather are just around the corner. This is the perfect time of year to take protective measures that will help maintain your window’s insulation all winter long. Though the cold days may seem far away, acting now – during these last lazy days of summer – will keep you from forgetting it when schedules get busier.

Follow these essential maintenance tips to enhance the life and protective qualities of your windows:

1. Remove All Debris and Dirt

Summer is the perfect time for a good window cleaning, because the weather is still warm. Thanks to summer thunderstorms and rainfall, dirt, leaves, and other debris might get into your windowsills and cause damage. Brushing the debris off with a dry cloth or duster will help ensure a tighter seal on your window, creating a more energy efficient system. Your utility bills will thank you!

2. Inspect and Replace Weather Stripping

Weather stripping can be a straightforward way to improve your comfort and overall energy efficiency, and it benefits from maintenance and occasional replacement. If your weather stripping is showing signs of wear, it’s not doing its job effectively. In the summer, you’re letting colder air outside, and in the winter, you’re letting out heat. This causes extra stress on your heating and cooling systems and costs you money each month. To rectify the situation, simply reattach or replace your weather stripping where it’s showing signs of wear. Do the same with your caulk and grout to improve your energy efficiency this fall and winter.

3. Replace Your Damaged Surfaces

If you have wooden windowsills or frames, now is a good time to check them. These are more prone to rot from moisture, and they can let humidity and ambient air into your home. Look for signs of water damage and replace any rotting wood as soon as possible.

Summer is the perfect time to take care of your window maintenance. Follow these tips to enjoy increased energy efficiency and comfort all year long. If you need new windows, Tri County Windows and Siding can help! Get in touch with us to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate today.

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