Why You Should Replace Your Windows, Doors, & Siding Before You Sell – Pt. 2

As we discussed in part one, failing to update your home’s exterior not only can help you accrue higher monthly utility costs in the extreme temperature months but also can adversely affect the return on investment when the time comes to sell your home.

We at Tri County Windows & Siding highly recommend you upgrade your windows, doors, and siding before putting your home on the market. Here are some emotional reasons why old windows, doors, & siding can detract from a home sale:

Curb Appeal
Like the old saying goes, you never get a second chance at a first impression. Those words hold especially true for homebuyers. Purchasing a home is equal parts logic and emotion, as getting a person to “fall in love” with a home can increase the speed at which a purchase is made. The very best way to cultivate a great first impression is to give your home’s exterior a facelift. Windows, doors, and siding are among the most obvious features a prospective buyer first notices when they pull up to a house.

A Burden Off A Buyer’s Shoulder
People pay a premium for many home improvement projects when the time comes to sell. Why? Simply put, they don’t want to deal with it! If you’ve ever purchased a fixer-upper, you know about the challenges of knocking out project after project. The daunting reality of having to replace windows, doors, or siding could hinder a sale. That’s why executing these projects can alleviate a sense of doom from a prospective buyer. Better yet, you might earn a greater than expected return on your project upon completion.

A Sense of Security
Windows, doors, and siding are all the easiest way to gain access to a home. Having secure windows and doors that prevent unwanted intruders and work in-step with your home security system can ease the mind. New siding also prevents bugs and other pests from access, as well.

If you’re selling your home and opt to upgrade your exterior features, contact us today at Tri County Windows & Siding. We offer friendly, professional service and free, no obligation estimates.

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