Why You Should Replace Your Windows, Doors, & Siding Before You Sell – Pt. 1

Maximizing return is the number one objective when selling your home. Achieving this result, though, can be very challenging. That’s why we at Tri County Windows & Siding highly recommend homeowners to upgrade their windows, doors, & siding before placing their home on the market.

In this series, we’ll explore both the financial and emotional reasons to complete each project. For Part I, here are the financial reasons why new windows, doors, and siding can boost your home’s value:

Increased Home Value
Updating your windows, doors, and siding does require some capital, but the tradeoff is a home that sells for higher and quicker. Each feature can instill value, but for slightly different reasons:
– According to 2015’s National Remodeling Impact Report, upgrading your windows is the second-highest recommended exterior remodeling project after installing a new roof. New windows can help finalize a deal, too. Eight percent of realtors in the same report mentioned that new vinyl windows helped secure closing on their home.
– New energy efficient siding that replaces old, unsightly models has a tremendous ability to beautify and increase the value of your home. Realtors and remodeling professionals agree across the board that updating your siding is one of the top projects to increase ROI.
– Doors are both aesthetic and functional pieces of a home. Like windows and siding, a new front door can enhance the beauty of your home while generating extra security and energy efficiency.

Energy Efficient Updates and Tax Credits
As a selling point, prospective home buyers are attracted to home with energy efficient features. According to a 2016 article from NerdWallet, upgrading your home in Loudoun County can increase your home value 2-5%, which is a HUGE number. Plus, if you plan on staying in your home for a few years, these savings will only add up in the form of reduced monthly expenses in months of extreme temperatures.

Also, be sure to check energy efficient tax credits to see if they are applicable toward your home. The money reimbursed to you from the government can actually cover installation costs in some cases. Not only are the savings sweet, reducing your home’s carbon footprint has great benefits for the environment.

If you’re selling your home and opt to upgrade your exterior features, contact us today at Tri County Windows & Siding. We offer friendly, professional service and free, no obligation estimates.

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