Why You Should Consider Getting a Storm Door

It’s new year, which means it’s the perfect time to start making positive changes in our lives. In addition to your typical New Year’s resolutions, consider improving your home safety, energy efficiency, and productivity with one simple addition to your front doorStorm doors offer many benefits if you are looking to boost your home security and save on your monthly energy bills. Here are the reasons why you should consider installing a storm door in 2023.

 Extra Protection

 A storm door’s main purpose is rather self-explanatory; it offers extra protection from the elements, including storms of all kinds. Rain, wind, snow, and ice can all damage your regular front door, and your storm door acts as a barrier to prevent that from happening. They also protect you from water damage. Most storm doors are made with high-quality aluminum and are a simple and effective investment in the safety of your home against natural disasters.

 However, this protection doesn’t start and end with the weather. These doors also offer extra protection against various kinds of intruders, from pests to burglars. For example, a summer screen will let air in without letting bugs in, and the glass screen used in the winter could keep away potential thieves who aren’t willing to break it down. If someone does break down the storm door, the sound will alert you to the problem. In any season, the glass barrier will give you a way to see who is at your door without having to risk opening it for strangers, especially if you don’t have a peephole.

 Ultimately, if you’re looking to increase the safety of your house, a storm door is a strong choice.

 Energy Efficient

 Storm doors have an open, see-through glass pane or screen, which means you can leave your entry door open and keep the storm door closed to allow sunlight into your house, giving you less reason to use lights or heaters. The same is true if you want to let some air in without turning on a fan: the screen will help you get that nice breeze without spending a penny.

On a similar note, a good storm door will help seal your house, keeping the internal temperature consistent. Your heating system won’t need to work as hard to compensate for heating or cooling loss, saving you even more money and energy.

 Less Noise, More Peace

 Storm doors can reduce the amount of noise you have to hear on a daily basis. The extra glass barrier can reduce the volume of nearby traffic, garbage collection, or construction work. If you live in a noisy area, installing a storm door might just help you focus more on work and less on the sounds outside. With more people working from home, in addition to the added security benefits, a storm door could help you stay focused and productive on your daily tasks.

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