Why Choose Garden Bay Windows

Garden bay windows can be a great way to add a little extra something to your home design. If you are cramped for space or are looking to add a bit of extra flair to your windows, these windows are a great way to get started.

How Garden Bay Windows Are Good for Your House

Garden bay windows can actually provide your home and plants with a number of benefits above and beyond the added aesthetics of the room.

The thicker panes of the glass help add to the insulation factor of your windows. Roughly 40% of your house’s energy is lost through the windows, causing your air conditioning or heater to work overtime to compensate for the loss. One of the best ways to add to the insulation is to add more panes or thicker panes to the windows, reducing the amount of energy that escapes. Garden bay windows allow you to get the added efficiency of thicker panes while adding flair and giving your plants a place to sit.

These windows act as make-shift greenhouses. In the city or in a condo, you might not be able to fit a greenhouse into your home. They take up a lot of space, are expensive to maintain, and are difficult to set up without getting professional help. These windows take away all that unnecessary setup while giving you the ease of access to all your plants to take care of them.

While expanding the available space, garden bay windows also bring in significantly more sunlight. Getting more natural sunlight has many health benefits such as improved mood and decreased stress as well as more energy efficiency by reducing the needed power for the lighting system during the day.

Having multiple types of windows can bring aesthetic value that can correlate to real value as well. If you are looking to add a bit of value to your house while also improving its overall looks, these windows are a great option. The benefits of garden bay windows extend to your whole house, raising the overall value of your home.

Where Can They Be Installed?

Garden bay windows can be installed just about anywhere in your home, but they are best installed in places where sunlight is difficult to access and can benefit from the added scenery.

One of the best places to put in this type of windows is the kitchen. Kitchen windows are often restricting allowing little sunlight in while having relatively low aesthetic value compared to other windows. Spicing up your kitchen’s look with garden bay windows can improve the entire aesthetics of your home without much effort.

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