What Type of Siding Material Is Best for Your Home?

Builders offer a wide assortment of siding options for the modern home, and there are good reasons to go with each one. There are also drawbacks to each, and the choice can sometimes come down to personal preference. Which drawbacks are least bothersome to the homeowner? Which advantages are most attractive?

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement is a new material that can imitate the look of wood. It should prove to be as durable as stone but at a lower cost. While it can be one of the more expensive options, there are long term savings with maintenance issues.   It will only need to be repainted every 12-15 years and it resists the weathering of salty coastal air. If fire safety is a concern, fiber cement is a fire-resistant as well.


If an inexpensive installation and material longevity are your main concerns, vinyl might be your best option. Most other materials are a tradeoff between price and durability, but vinyl siding should last for the life of the house. Overall, it is inexpensive, worry-free and maintenance is low.  Home owners will likely have to spray-wash their siding every few years -but all in all, it is a logical “go-to” choice for a large number of homeowners.


With all the advances in the development of building materials, wood is not as popular as it once was. Perhaps for good reasons. It is a danger in dry climates due to its flammable nature, but it can easily rot in wet climates if not properly maintained. Routine maintenance and repainting can cost some money. Initial installation and cost of materials are not necessarily inexpensive options. While light and easy to install, the longevity of the material is decent at best – but, it does proved the flexibility of changing exterior colors as desired.  Overall, many homeowners avoid this option as the negatives tend to outweigh the positives.

Do you need longevity or easy installation? Do you want something low maintenance or something traditional and aesthetically pleasing? There are many factors to consider when choosing siding. With an idea of what the pros and cons are, you can begin to choose the right one for you. Need more information on choosing the right style of siding for your home? Reach out to Tri County Windows & Siding for all your home exterior needs.    

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