What To Look For In A Quality Window

When it’s time to install new windows in your home, you want to make sure you are purchasing the highest quality windows. But what specifically should you be looking for?

It is important to remember windows are more than mere plates of glass letting light into a house. Windows, in more ways than one, are crucial to the energy in any home. The amount of sunlight you allow into a room can potentially affect your own emotional mood, physical health, and personal energy levels, as well as your home’s budget.

Relying heavily on light coming from lamps can disrupt a person’s natural waking and sleeping cycles. It can be harder to sleep at night if you haven’t gotten enough exposure to sunlight during the day. And opening the curtains and letting in sunlight may also improve one’s mood as it naturally raises levels of serotonin.

When considering installing quality windows, you will also want to make sure your new windows are energy-efficient to reduce your home’s heating and cooling costs. Lowering the cost of heating and cooling the home is one of the most common and cost-effective reasons to replace older windows.

When you are thinking about replacing windows in your home, you will also need to ensure your new windows are constructed using the highest quality materials available.

Modern-day quality windows are constructed using two panes of glass, referred to as being, “double-paned.” This process gives more insulation than older styles of single-paned windows. It effectively blocks brutally cold winter winds from coming inside your house, and in the summertime, it helps stop both sweltering-hot temperatures and the sun’s damaging UV rays from coming inside.

In addition to the glass, you also have to look at the materials used to construct the window’s frame. Several choices may be available including:

  • Vinyl: One of the most commonly used materials to make a window frame, it’s affordable, and provides outstanding insulation from the elements and extreme temperatures.
  • Composite: These frames are designed to look like wood, be long-lasting, and are easy to care for.
  • Fiberglass: A totally modern approach uses fiberglass for the window’s frame. It can be designed to look like wood. This holds up well against all types of weather. Fiberglass is versatile. While it never needs to be painted, if you do ever want to change its appearance you can always use some paint and give it a new color.

Now it’s time to look at the style of new windows you want. With Tri County Windows and Siding it’s possible to give your home a new modern update. Consider:

  • Awning windows are hinged up top and pop out at the bottom. They’re great in smaller spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.
  • Bow windows give a panoramic shape outwardly appearing to wrap around a home’s exterior.
  • Bay windows protrude outwards and can give you a little indoor nook to sit with a cup of coffee.
  • Picture windows are literally windows sized and shaped like a framed picture on your wall. These give an extra bit of sunlight to brighten a room.
  • Specialty windows give you a world of options. If you really want your window to be unique, consider having one custom-made just for you.

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