What to Consider When Choosing a New Front Door

Ask a kid to draw their house, and they will invariably depict one with windows that look like eyes and a door that resembles a mouth. Your front door is probably the first thing people notice about your home—and if it represents a mouth, it can “say” a lot about who lives there. Your door can say Welcome! Your door might tell people you’re traditional or all-in on a modern look. Doors keep you safe; they’re the literal barrier between you and the world at large.  Doors have changed a lot throughout history—from textiles or hides to hardened materials. Today, many options are available to homeowners wishing to upgrade.  

What to Consider When Choosing a New Front Door 

Choosing a door is a big and potentially expensive decision. The list below outlines the many factors to be considered.  

  1. Aesthetics. Your personal style and the style of your home will determine the look you desire. If you own an old, Victorian home, for instance, you probably wouldn’t want a door that looks like it belongs on a Frank Lloyd Wright creation. Your choices when it comes to aesthetics are practically limitless. 
  2. Cost. Like everything else, the cost of a new door will depend on many factors. Is it a custom size? Must it adhere to a certain aesthetic? What material will work best for your needs? Must the door be professionally installed, or will it be a DIY job? All of these considerations will determine the ultimate cost of your new door. 
  3. Materials. According to home remodeling expert and well-known TV host Bob Vila, the most important factor when choosing a new door is the material the door is made of—wood, steel or wood-grain textured steel, or fiberglass. 

 •       A wood door can be a “solid” choice. For a long time, it was the only choice. It’s easy to change up the look of a wood door with a fresh coat of paint, and it’s possible to resize them. The downside is that wood doors are porous and can warp and rot. 

•       Steel doors are more durable than their wood counterparts. They provide excellent security and work well in areas where weather is a concern. For example, if you live in a warm, humid climate, you’ll want a door that won’t swell. Steel doors are easy to maintain and have come a long way in terms of offering up stylish choices. Steel doors, however, can rust.

•       Fiberglass is a relatively new option for doors. A fiberglass door won’t rust or rot. In fact, they are generally immune to environmental damage, provide good insulation, don’t dent, and come in a variety of styles.  

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