What To Consider Before Buying New Siding

Is your siding still doing its job? Is it time to replace it, and how can you tell? When thinking about making such home improvements, the first question you might want to ask yourself is, “how old is my home’s siding?” While siding generally is long-lasting, if it’s more than three decades old, it may be time to consider buying new siding.

After all, the job of your home’s siding is to protect the interior and the exterior of the house. Siding is a protective layer designed to preserve the integrity of your home, both inside and out.

Siding when it’s in good condition:

  • Keeps the wet (and the mildew) away. Fully functioning siding will keep the walls inside of your house nice and dry.
  • Keeps bugs outdoors where they belong.
  • Can save you money on your energy bill.
  • Looks nice and increases your home’s curbside appeal.

Imagine driving home from work and pulling up to your house. What do you see? Is your siding cracked? Are the colors washed out? Is your home’s siding giving your home a worn-out and unwelcoming first impression? If so, contact us at Tri County Windows and Siding, and we will give your home the protection, preservation, and distinct appearance it deserves.

We ensure that our siding is constructed using only high-quality materials, and it is available in many different styles and colors for you to choose from. We offer siding that is created using vinyl, stone, or fiber cement, and you can even mix and match these materials to achieve the unique style of appearance you desire.

When selecting the materials used for your siding, in addition to the aesthetic appearance, you will also want to take into account the care and maintenance of your home’s siding.

Vinyl siding is easy to care for. It won’t need to be painted. It’s unlikely to warp, and it’s less likely to be cracked, bent, dinged, or dented than siding made from using other materials. Insulated vinyl siding is also energy-efficient, protecting the inside of your home from the extreme hot and cold temperatures occurring outside. Vinyl siding is easily cleaned using simple soap and water solutions.

Fiber cement siding is a price-effective material that can be made to resemble the appearance of wood, and it also resists both decay and warping. This energy-efficient siding protects your house from harsh temperatures, and extreme weather conditions, and is also easy to take care of. Unlike vinyl, however, it may need to be painted every few years.

At Tri County Windows and Siding, our experts are dedicated to ensuring both the beauty and the integrity of your home. Our easy-to-care-for siding is designed to protect your home from environmental damages, is energy-efficient, and gives your home that jaw-dropping beautiful curbside appeal. Contact us today for a free estimate and for help buying new siding.

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