What Is Rot Resistant Trim and Why Is It Important?

Exterior trim can be a great addition and can bring new life to your home. It has been used on homes since the 17th and 18th centuries. In fact, there are still homes today whose original trim still exists. Wood trim that is installed correctly and properly maintained can add to the beauty of the home and will last for years. However, wood trim that is damaged or installed incorrectly can be one of the first parts of a home to go. That’s why choosing the right type of rot resistant trim for the home can keep you from more costly repairs later.

 Why Is Rot Resistant Trim Important

Any homeowner can tell you that as one of their most prized possessions, they want to keep their home free of mold and insects, both of which prefer softer wood. Unfortunately, homes would be far too expensive if they were built out of heavier, more resistant wood. In an effort to keep costs affordable, homes are often constructed from pine, fir, and other white woods, which fail to offer any protection.

After a home frame and interior are constructed, we protect it by using siding and trims that are constructed from more resistant materials. This protection helps prevent homes from exposure to fungi such as dry rot, which is aggressive and can quickly eat away at the integrity of your home. There are chances the trim could be impacted by dry rot or other pests that can damage wood due to its exposure to the elements.

 Rot-Resistant Woods

Rot-resistant woods have been increasing in popularity throughout the century. Many of these types of woods include redwood, red cedar, Alaskan yellow cedar, and Port Orford cedar, which can last for decades.

These woods, however, while naturally rot-resistant, can dent easily because of their softness. Additionally, woods, such as redwood, produce dust and oils that may be harmful or toxic. Unfortunately, these woods are also becoming more and more in short supply, which raises the costs. For these reasons, Tri County Windows & Siding does not offer wood trims as an option, instead offering several options for composite materials that are rot-resistant and safe.

Rot-Resistant Materials

Many products on the market today are manufactured to function and look like wood trim but are made of material that will not easily rot or wear. Such materials include:

  • Cellular PVC – Also known as “plastic lumber,” cellular PVC is designed to look like real wood without the problems of real wood. It can be cut and shaped to create your desired look and feel.
  • Fiber cement – This material blends sand, cement, water, and cellulose. Cement is an ever-growing favorite amongst home repairs for not only its durability but also for its customization. It can be painted and formed for any look and style.
  • Fly ash trim – These products, like Boral TruExterior, are one of the best materials to create rot-resistant trim. These products can be cut, molded, glued, stained, and painted to match the look and feel you are going for.

These options create the look of wood while minimizing the impact on natural resources and creating sustainable products for your home that will last for years.

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