What Are My Choices for Siding Materials?

When the time comes to replace the siding on your home, you may not know what material to pick. Innovations have led to plenty of materials you can consider, but the number of potential choices can sometimes make it difficult to choose. Knowing your options can help you make an informed decision. Here is a primer on two of the best siding options available today: vinyl, and fiber cement.


Vinyl siding provides some of greatest variety in terms of color options and texture choices. One of the most cost-effective siding options on the market, vinyl is also known for its high durability, and low levels of maintenance. However, you may have trouble if you prefer a more seamless look. Standard vinyl panels are only 12 feet long, and often need to overlap, creating visible seams on the home. Longer panels are sometimes available, for an additional cost.

Fiber Cement

If you’re looking for another affordable siding option with a wide variety of style choices, fiber cement is the way to go. Many homeowners like the appearance of vertical siding, wood planks, and shingles, but don’t want the bigger price tag. Fiber cement siding can mimic any of these styles for a much lower cost. It is also incredibly durable, and can stand up to a variety of harsh weather conditions, also resisting fire, termites, and rot.

Fiber cement siding was developed in the 1980s by the James Hardie Company, and they remain a leader in the industry. Made from a unique combination of wood fiber, cement, and sand, this siding material is incredibly low-maintenance and can help a home be more energy-efficient, saving the homeowner money in the process.

Things to Consider When Choosing Siding

Every home and homeowner is different, so picking the best siding will depend on your circumstances.

To help you judge the options, ask these questions:

How much water resistance do you need?
What are your energy efficiency concerns?
For what sort of aesthetic and texture are you looking?
How well does the siding pair with your home?
Do you prefer eco-friendly materials?
What kind of budget do you have?
Do you want to retrofit your existing siding?

Whether you’re just making a minor change, or are ready to completely replace all of the siding on your house, this can be a great opportunity to transform the appearance of your home. With so many great options available, your only challenge is to find the best fit! We offer free estimates – contact us today!

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