Warning Signs You Need New Windows

Whenever you find a crack in the panes or you start to notice leaks, it can be obvious that it’s time for a new window. In other circumstances, you may want to update the look of your home or try to save on energy costs. Sometimes, a window just needs to make way for a new one.

However, replacing windows can become a costly project if you don’t plan accordingly. For some projects, repairs can even be the more preferable solution. Instead of putting off a renovation project or making aimless guesses, keep an eye out for these signs that your home needs new windows.

1. There’s a Draft

While opening a window can let some fresh air in, that’s only nice when you actually want to feel the breeze. At any other time, a draft can disrupt the temperature in your home and increase your heating bills. Getting properly fitting windows installed can be the solution.

2. Moisture 

Condensation on your windows can happen 2 different ways which is natural and common.  

  • When the glass is colder on the outside of your home and the inside temperatures are warmer with high humidity (usually from running your furnish with a humidifier). 
  • When the glass is colder on the inside of the home (usually from running your air conditioner) and the outside temperatures are warm with high humidity.

What you don’t want to see is moisture forming between the glass, commonly known as seal failure or fogging between the glass.   If you have this problem, your windows may not be protecting your home from the elements as much as they should.

3. Your Windows Are Painted Shut

Not being able to open your windows can be a big problem when you actually want to air out your home. Depending on how your windows have been painted shut, you may need a complete replacement, but sometimes a simple repair will do.

4. Your Windows No Longer Open or Close Properly

Aside from being painted shut, sometimes your window may not open because the frame has deteriorated or the foundation of your house has shifted. Unlike a painted window, though, a simple repair likely won’t be enough to solve the issue, and a replacement is in order.

5. Your Windows No Longer Lock

Locks on windows both keep your home safe from intruders and help form an airtight seal. Depending on your window’s type and age, a broken lock may warrant repair or replacement.

6. Your House Was Built Before 1960

Lead-based paints are especially common in homes built prior to 1960. Opening and closing windows can create friction on the paint, putting lead particles in the air and potentially leading to poisoning. 

7. Your Current Windows Are Too Difficult to Maintain

Some intricate styles of windows can be beautiful, but they also take time to clean. Wood windows especially require a lot of work to prevent rotting. Even regular cleaning can be a hassle on any type of windowpane, and newer models of windows have tilt to clean features to make the process much more efficient.

Your windows do a lot to not only let light into your home, but also protect you from unwanted drafts. When you experience issues with your windows, a repair may be able to do the job – but if you’re dealing with any of the problems mentioned here, replacement may be a much more cost-effective method in the long run.

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