Unique, Fresh-air Designs with Awning Windows

Awning windows are versatile in their use and can be integrated into design combinations that can add a measure of unique character to your home.  We have used them in multiple arrays to accent larger windows – or, as a versatile replacement for a picture window. 

This style is also referred to as a top-hung windows or top-hinged window and are usually opened via a hand-crank – not unlike a standard casement window.  We think it is one of the more under-utilized design styles and can add some functional flair to a window remodel project.

Let the Fresh Air In.

Awning windows are easy to open .  No only do they operate by a crank-handle, but the smaller designs are perfect for smaller spaces.  They can fit perfectly above a shower, bath tub, behind a kitchen sink, or in a basement or attic  – and, provide needed ventilation with ease of operation. 

We really like using the larger designs that replace picture windows.  Homeowners will get the same panoramic view with the added benefit of having a substantial source of fresh air. Because of the basics of their design, they can even be opened during rain showers.  When closed, the style affords homeowners with an airtight seal, improving a home’s overall energy efficiency.

Because of their position when open, awning windows will be hit by rain, roof runoff, and other types of moisture more often than traditional windows. It will also catch more dirt, dust and grime simply behaving created more horizontal surface for particles to land upon.  This, you may have to clean this style a little more often. 

Key points to remember:

  • Awning Windows provide great ventilation
  • Very popular window combinations and multiples
  • The add light and airflow to a room that may require privacy like a bedroom or bathroom

Think small awning windows for tight spaces and window arrays.  Or, larger awning windows for feature picture window placements.  We think this style of window can add some personalized elements of style to your home.  Let Tri County Siding and Windows show you how passionate we are about giving you the best possible remodeling experience.

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