Trends in Home Trim for 2022

Though a home’s trim likely isn’t the first thing you notice when you pull into the driveway, there’s no denying that it has an impact. The added dimension of home trim around windows, doors, and awnings can really frame a home, turning the facade from average to outstanding with the right design. As a result, there are a number of different trends and opinions when it comes to the best way to trim a home.

One of the most difficult decisions to make about your home’s exterior trim is the color.  The second toughest decision is deciding what materials to use and what will work best for your home in the long run. Though our team has seen every trim trend under the sun, ultimately, these decisions come down to personal preference. If you’re on the fence regarding what kind of trim aesthetic fits your home, check out these 2022 trends in home trim to see if any pique your interest. 

1. Monochrome

One of the biggest trends in home trim right now is monochrome. This means having the siding and the trim the same color. Some even go as far as to match their roof as well, giving a very impactful look to the home’s exterior

Monochrome can involve the shutters and door, too, if you so choose. Otherwise, a different shade of the same color on these two elements can help break up the monochrome just a bit. 

2. Neutral Walls, Bold Trim

Some homeowners choose bold colors for their trim and keep the siding neutral. This adds a pop of color and intrigue without becoming overwhelming as it would with a bold color on the siding. The technique can brighten rooms that have basic trim already in place, making them feel more sophisticated and high quality.

3. White Trim

White trim is still classic and on trend in 2022. The bright white adds a kind of border to the home, giving the outside dimension and depth. Similarly, a serene siding color and white trim is a timeless look that can fit almost any style. However, depending on your starting point, you may need to replace your trim and baseboards rather than paint them. It can be difficult to get solid, even coverage on darker trim, even with diligent sanding.

4. Natural Is Forever

Natural wood trim may never go out of style. That’s why, if you’re in doubt about the style of your home’s trim, we recommend choosing a natural wood. If you choose wood elements that clash with your home’s new siding or shutter color, consider having them re-stained to a color that better fits your aesthetic. A new stain can have a significant impact without having to totally redo your home’s exterior. The bottom line is that natural wood almost always looks classy.

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