Top 5 Most Popular Window Styles

The window styles in your home play a variety of roles. Many people don’t realize the lasting impact the amount or size of windows in their home can have on them. Allowing natural light in your home is crucial for your health and your happiness. Windows also help a great deal when it comes to helping your home regulate temperature and making the space feel welcoming and open. 

The 5 Most Popular Window Styles in Homes Today

Whether you’re building a new home and deciding on what windows you want or you’re finally doing some much-needed home improvement, here’s everything you need to know about the top window styles right now.

  1.    Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are another popular style that is customizable for homeowners. Unlike single hung windows that tend to be larger, you can install double hung windows next to each other. This allows you to only open one of them if you desire and helps provide extra safety precautions if you have children or animals, you may be worried about. Double hung windows offer the same amount of light and a different style and form of ventilation.

  1.  Picture (Fixed) Windows

Fixed windows, often called picture windows, emphasize the outside of a home by framing it, making it look like a photo. Picture windows allow you to highlight the beautiful view you might have outside while still letting in natural light and even ventilation if you need it. They are also some of the most versatile and customizable window styles for homeowners, making them a great choice if you’re designing a unique home.

  1.    Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are a great style for almost any room. Because they slide open instead of protruding out, they can be put in a multitude of different areas to let natural light and fresh air into a space. Bedrooms, smaller kitchens, and bathrooms most commonly have sliding windows. These windows also allow for easy cleaning.

  1. Awning Windows

Awning windows are the perfect window style for any room you’re looking to add more natural ventilation in, like kitchens and bathrooms. They tilt out from the bottom of the frame to allow natural light and air into your home when they’re open, and they can be easily adjusted. Awning windows are also known for being secure in areas where you may be worried about intruders.

5  Bay Windows

Bay windows are a beautiful window style with three large, glass panels. This style has been popular for decades and can be found in old and new homes across the country. If you’re looking to bring a lot of natural light into a room, bay windows are the best style for you. They add elegance and warmth to any area, and many people love to add a window seat beneath them to enjoy the natural light coming through.

Whether you’re looking to install a picture window to highlight your beautiful backyard, or you need some ventilation in your upstairs bathroom from a new awning window, our team here at Tri County Windows & Siding is prepared to help. With decades of experience serving Northern Virginia, we provide high-quality home improvement services. For more information on our window services or for a free estimate, contact us today. 

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