Top 3 Traits of a Contractor You Trust

None of us is immune to making bad decisions. You hope to contain the worst mistakes to less important things, like where to vacation this year. So when it comes to choosing a contractor to install your windows or siding, it’s important to make the decision that gives you peace of mind. Knowing what to look for and what matters in the contractor you choose will give you the advantage of knowing you’ve made the intelligent choice.

Here are the top three traits of a contractor you can depend on.

Everyone has an opinion, and most of us don’t mind sharing them. No matter how consistent you are in your work, there will inevitably be someone you just can’t satisfy. A good contractor should have plenty of customers testifying to the quality of their work. You’ll be able to spot the reviews from those who weren’t satisfied or may just be difficult customers, and if you read carefully, you can point out who genuinely had a problem, and whether that problem was addressed. A dependable contractor will stand out for having a long line of satisfied customers and a history resolving such issues.

Any contractor worth trusting should be able to produce their licensing, insurance and permits for your job. Too often, it’s easy to assume that all the paperwork is in order without actually verifying that this is the case. A contractor you can depend on would never be offended by an honest request to see their documentation. If a contractor balks at this request or can’t produce the necessary papers, it’s a good indicator there may have been problems in the past – the sort of problems you don’t want on your project!

Read the Contract
Odds are if you’ve been doing your homework, you may have talked to more than one contractor before choosing one to complete your project. It’s easy to confuse which contractor made which promises. Before you sign on the dotted line, take the time to read the contract so you’re clear on what exactly you are agreeing to. If the contractor wants to rush you through this part of the process, or you find a large number of discrepancies in what you thought you were agreeing to, it could be a sign that you need to continue your search.

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