The Timeless Elegance of French Doors

Perhaps you want to create a sun-drenched passageway connecting your multi-level backyard deck to your family room.  Or, you would like more exterior exposure for both light and air between your kitchen and your garden.  French doors could be just the solution you are looking for to bring the fresh outdoors a bit closer. 

Quite popular for entertainment purposes, French patio doors are door panels that are hinged from the side and swing open from the center. Available as a single or side-by-side configuration, these doors are available as in-swing (opening into the interior or the home) or out-swing (opening up to the outside). Unlike windows, French doors let light in while always creating a sense of being able to step outside. 

Traditional Elegance with French Doors

This side-by-side door configuration is very commonly used for rear or side entrances of homes. However, some designs work well in the front of the home for the main entrances as well.  Styles can be sourced that have active operation of both doors – meaning both doors are swing independently – or, a combination of active/inactive, where one door is operable and one is stationary.

In addition to exteriors, French doors can also be used in the home’s interior between rooms. This solution adds natural light and openness while also providing a more clear definition of space. Many interior French doors also feature opaque glass that only allows light in and creates a sense of intimacy and privacy. This is an option, but please know that at Tri County, we focus on exterior French doors.

Wherever the design utilized, French doors combine an elegant and traditional look with ease of operation.  Tri County Windows and Siding can suggest some French door styles that are sure to enhance the value and appearance of the exterior of your home.  We build every client relationship on honesty and superior attention to craftsmanship and detail. 

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