The Impact of Exterior Trim

When it comes to architecture, most things serve an obvious function, even if it’s just for their aesthetic. Even if you don’t always think about the exact purpose of a window, roof, or door, you can at least acknowledge their utility and style, especially in terms of specific architectural genres. One vastly underappreciated part of home architecture is the exterior trim, which tends to be so common and subtle that people don’t immediately recognize it or why it’s there. If the trim were removed, though, people would understand exactly what it does and why it’s so ubiquitous.

A Practical Purpose

First, the entire exterior of your house is designed with a major goal in mind: to keep people safe from the elements and pests outside, whether it be heavy rainfall, harsh winds, disease-carrying bugs and rodents, or any other danger the outside environment has to offer. Exterior trim is also made to fulfill this function. The various pieces and shapes that make up the trim are all designed to cover specific areas, such as those surrounding a window or along the top of a roof. They repel water, seal things in place, and prevent pests from getting through. Without the trim, the outside of the house wouldn’t do its job as well, and things could go wrong very quickly.

A Pleasing Aesthetic

That’s just the practical aspect of home exteriors and trim, though. The outside of a house also serves another very important function, and that is being aesthetically pleasing to look at. Paint, outdoor decor, and landscaping are all ways to enhance how a house looks from the outside, making it more attractive and unique. There are a lot of ways to make a house look nice, many of them depending on the style of the architecture and the interests of the builders and homeowners. One essential part of most architectural styles is the trim, which has the all-important job of tying everything together and completing the look.

House trim is so important that houses are simply expected to make use of it. If it’s missing, then the house can just look “off”, unfinished and strange compared to what people are used to, even if they don’t immediately notice the trim otherwise. It may also be that it can give a pop of color to break up the design that may be too monochromatic otherwise, and that the different materials these trims can be made from can look pleasing on their own. Regardless, it’s clear that the addition of trim plays a vital role in making the house not only functional but nice to look at as well.

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