Spring Is the Season for Window Replacements

Spring is the most common season for window replacements. During long Virginia winters, many homeowners notice drafts, foggy window panes, or leaking seals. All these issues indicate windows need replacement.

Many people don’t know when it’s time to replace windows in their home, but here are a few good clues:

  • Your energy bill is higher than your neighbors’ bills are.
  • Windows have foggy panes.
  • There is condensation present between glass panes.
  • Ice build up on the glass/frames on the inside of the home
  • Seals around the window are cracked or leaking.
  • You can feel wind blowing or see your curtains move
  • Upholstery and flooring is faded around windows.

If your windows have any of these symptoms, it’s a sign that replacing the windows is a good idea. Replacing windows is also advisable when remodeling or selling a home.


Windows are not one-size-fits-all. Investigate the different options available and the ones that suit the needs of your home, family, and financial plans.


Energy-efficient windows are an addition to your home that can add value and reduce heating and cooling costs. The windows perform extremely well in Virginia’s cold winters, keeping heat inside the home.


If sunlight and UV ray exposure are fading your home’s interior, consider installing low-emissivity windows. These products have an invisible overlay that filters UV rays, preventing them from penetrating windows and spoiling interior décor.

Air Tight

Window construction is important. You want to make sure that you are looking for windows that are might with tighter tolerances and specs to keep the air from seeping in between the frames and sashes. These windows are important to keep mother nature outside and keep your utility bills down.


Windows that open outward from the top and allow easy ventilation are awning windows. They are perfect for letting air into the home, while keeping precipitation outside. Place awning windows high off the ground so people don’t collide with them.


Colonial style homes in the Northeast often have compass or “bow” windows. This style curves outward and can contain four or more windows. Bow windows are extremely attractive on homes and instantly add curb appeal.


Windows that slide are a good replacement for low-lying windows types that would otherwise impede traffic. Sliding windows are a traditional, yet useful style that allows for heavy light and airflow into the home.

Making the Decision to Replace 

Contact Tri County Windows today to schedule a free estimate for your home. We will visit your home, offering advice and never pushing sales. We hate pushy salespeople! Our professionals will work with you to determine the style and budget that are right for your situation. Often, homeowners choose to receive an estimate for their entire home but replace windows in phases. We will work with you to ensure you receive what you want, with no pressure.

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