Specialty Windows to Fit Your Needs

When we use the term “Specialty Windows”, it denotes a whole category of custom-order shapes and sizes conceived to create a look and feel that is truly unique to your home.  

Homeowners should have the highest degree of familiarity with styles like double-hung or casement windows. Specialty windows are sometimes overlooked and certainly underutilized in remodeling projects.  Specialty windows can provide a highlighting punctuation particularly when paired with another style window.  Often a smaller oval, half-circle or arched-top window is used as an accent window above or even below a standard-style primary window. 

Specialty windows can also add a unique and dramatic impact to foyers, staircases and rooms with vaulted ceilings when used by themselves.  Not only is there the aesthetic of the window itself, but there is the added benefit of bringing some additional natural light into a space that might otherwise be poorly lit. 

At Tri County Windows and Siding, we will make sure that your speciality window is specific to your wishes, built to last. – and, energy efficient.

Radius Windows.  And, More.

Radius windows include circular shapes, half circles and arched tops. The design can bring a softness to your interior space as it serves to a juxtapose the straight corners of rectangular windows. They can be manufactured to open and let in fresh air or installed as a fixed-window to only let in light.

To some degree, your imagination is the only limitation to the size, look and design of a specialty window.  In addition to circle, circle top and eclipse designs – we have quality suppliers for hexagon, octagon, oval and triangle shaped windows.  They are perfect for stand-alone accents or in concert with more conventional rectangle double-hung or single hung windows or window arrays.The integration of specialty windows into your home’s design is certain to add beauty, character and value to your home.  Depend upon Tri County Windows and Siding to be your trusted advisor for consultation and installation for your next home.

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