Sliding Doors – Great Choice for Outdoor Access

Unrivaled for their innate feature of bringing the most possible light into a room, sliding glass doors can add a great deal of beauty and ambiance to your home.   Most exterior sliding doors feature one pane that slides while the other pane of glass remains stationary. The effect allows a great deal of light to enter your home.

In terms of design and function, their usability has come a long way in the last few generations.  Today’s version of sliding glass doors can even provide modern and innovative features such as motorized blinds and thermal insulation. They are easy to clean and repairs have become more affordable. 

Sliding glass doors are not without some very clear PROS and CONS. Keep in mind – these exterior doors tend to be more expensive than comparable wooden or hinged alternatives.  Homeowners should weigh their options accordingly.

The advantages of sliding glass doors include:

•       Maximum Light. For most homeowners, lots of natural light is important and sliding glass doors are the clear winner here.  They are literally a huge window. You will have less reliance on artificial lights with a sliding glass door – and, they will contribute some natural heat in cooler months, too.

•       No clearance needed. Unlike hinged doors, a sliding glass door needs no interior or exterior space to swing open. If space is at a premium, furniture can be placed closer to a sliding glass door with limiting access to using the door.  

The disadvantages of sliding glass doors include:

•       Security Issues. This door configuration allows potential intruders visual access to your home. Many basic sliding glass doors only have a simple lock, which may be simple to breech. The door can also be dislodged to allow entry. And, there is always the method of last resort: simply breaking the glass.

•       Maintenance and upkeep.  Sliding glass doors can get dirty fast. They quickly show kids’ fingerprints and are prone to streaks of dirt and water stains. You will need to clean them often especially if you live in harsh weather conditions.

A sliding glass door can be a very elegant, smart and chic design choice for your home. The transparency of glass adds a touch of natural lighting accent to any home and can make your room appear more spacious.  With a clear view of both sides of the door, you can showcase your decor so each space has a unique look that is stylish and luxurious.  

At Tri County Windows and Siding, we offer unbeatable value with the attention to detail and workmanship you expect from your exterior home renovation company. We can help you think through your remodeling alternatives and lead you to the best possible door decision for your home and your unique situation.

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