Signs Your Home Needs New Windows

It could be the telltale sign of foggy or milky window glass.  Maybe you feel a slight bit of cool air when the seasonal wind is blowing. Or, perhaps there’s a window latch or lock that just does’t seem secure anymore.

There are multiple signs that indicate your home is in need of new windows. Tri County Windows and Siding can help you know what to look for to diagnose longer term issues with your windows.

First Things First. How do they look?

If your windows are less and less clear and have a haze you just cannot clean off, it is likely your thermal seal is compromised.  Air is getting into the space between the two panes of glass.  What you are seeing is the residue of condensation inside a space that should be airtight.

Also, look for moist or rotten wood parts.  This can be a sign of condensation or “perspiration” around the window.  Finally, check the condition of any weather-stripping and feel for cold drafts.  While some of these issues can be remediated and repaired on an isolated basis, if these conditions exist throughout your home, you should consider a whole house replacement of your windows.

Do all your windows open and close properly?

Especially with older windows, they may not open and close as they once did.  This can be as a result of normal wear and tear or perhaps due to weather conditions or the natural settling of your home. Check how difficult they are to open and close. If you experience any resistance there’s a good chance the window is not closing entirely and securely.  Windows should close smoothly and stay closed.

Repairing this type of malfunctioning window is not possible. It, and others like it, are prime candidates for replacement.

Take a look outside. Inspect sealing and caulking.

This can be a relatively simple fix. The caulking around the outside of your window is an additional point of vulnerability. Air can escape or enter your home via small cracks and fissures. For a quick and temporary fix, reseal the outside of your window with caulking to remediate the situation.

Call Us for solutions.With another unpredictable Northern Virginia winter approaching, you should ask yourself, “are my windows ready?” Drafts, leaks and poor insulation could cause the season to become a chilly and expensive one. Tri County Windows and Siding is Northern Virginia’s most trusted and valued Home Improvement Company for Windows, Doors, Siding, Trim and Gutters.  Give us a call today to request your FREE – no obligation – window replacement estimate.

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