Prepping Your House for Fall

Summer is quickly coming to an end. Regardless of whether you’re happy to hear that cooler weather is on the way or are already wishing for next summer, you should take time to properly prepare your home for the changing season. Winter will be here before you know it, and no one wants to get caught doing home repairs in the snow.

Ready your property by:

· Checking for drafts. Even a small air leak can end up costing you once the cooler temperatures settle in. Use a candle or lighter and go around the edges of windows and doors. If it flickers, you probably have some unwanted airflow.

· Sealing any cracks. If you find breezes coming through walls or ceilings, fill the areas with caulk to keep your energy bills in check.

· Winterizing air conditioning. This is especially important for people who use window units, which can let in lots of unwanted drafts.

· Readying humidifiers. Make sure your humidifier is clean and functional so you don’t have to deal with dry winter air.

· Storing your gardening supplies. Put away mowers and tools. Empty any hoses of liquid and stow them away safely.

· Checking your roof. Obviously a full inspection is best, but at the very least, you should look for any noticeable damage. Do a quick walk around your property and make sure you don’t find any shingles on the ground.

· Examining trees and other dangers. While you’re looking at your roof, keep an eye out for branches that could break under the weight of snow and end up on your house. You may want to have them trimmed before the seasons change.

· Cleaning the gutters. Once snow starts to melt, it’s important that water flows correctly off your house.

· Having sprinklers serviced. Professionals can come and winterize your setup so you don’t have to worry about freezing issues.

· Finishing your gardening. If there are any plants that require pruning or planting at a specific time, don’t forget to take care of them.

You don’t have to winterize your house on your own. At Tri County Windows & Siding, we also repair and maintain siding, doors, trim, and gutters. If you need a helping hand at the best prices in town, call us today for your free estimate.

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