Making the Case – Casement Windows

Often installed over sinks, countertops, appliances – or, hard to reach areas, casement windows are actually an ideal style window for many living rooms, kitchens, studies, and bedrooms.  Many homeowners choose them throughout their home for their clean, modern and contemporary style. 

Instead of opening the sash-lock of a double-hung window and a lifting up the sash, casement windows are the style that’s hinged at the side and crank outward to open. They’re ranked by most experts as the second most energy efficient window style –  behind only fixed-pane windows. Casement windows are designed to prevent air-entry and leakage as the window sash presses hard against the frame on closing and creates an air-tight seal.  

As we see it at Tri County Windows and Siding, here are the top 5 reasons to consider casement windows on your next replacement project: 

Easy to Open and Close

They use single-lever or tandem latches and crank open wide as desired. Some can be fitted with automatic openers.  Plus, their design makes them easy to clean.

Superior Ventilation

No other type of replacement window offers as big an opening for ventilation as a casement window. Think about it – double hung windows can only open to a maximum of 50% of the size of the window hole; casement windows can utilize 100% when fully extended.

Unlimited Design Variations

It‘s relatively easy to find styles that complement a homes’ architectural style when shopping for casement windows. There are a number of attractive design features to consider. 

Exceptional Security

Locking handles with hooks that embed into the frame give the window an added measure of security.

Better Views

Casement windows feature fewer muntins (those strips of “wood” that divide the panes) than other window style options. This yields a broader, clearer view of the outdoors – and, creates a connection between your homes exterior and interior. 

Overall, they can be more costly than double hung windows to purchase and install. However, for many homeowners, the benefits are worth it.  

At Tri County, we can take the stress of choice away by helping you choose the best products for your specific situation. Your casement windows will be a long-lasting and valuable update to your home in northern Virginia. We would like to help with more information and by giving you a free estimate.

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