Making a Great First Impression with Entry Doors

When we replace a residential entry door, we are reminded of that old TV commercial that said “You never get a second chance to make a first impression!”   Now, that may have applied to marketing a shower soap or deodorant, but we think it applies to that first impression your home’s entryway can make on guests and visitors. 

It really is one of the first signs that says that your home is well-cared for; and, that this is a home that is welcoming and inviting.  Since many homeowner do not regularly use front doors, it is a natural area of neglect; we simply do not think of our front entry areas.  Homeowners quickly understand the need to replace older, non-energy efficient windows – but, don’t logically consider our doors in the same analysis.  

Your front entryway could be contributing to significant energy waste. So, when it comes to entry doors, there are cosmetic AND practical considerations. Here are the TOP 3 ways for you to check and see if you should have your entry door replaced:

Can you detect moisture? 
Can you see fogging in any double pane glass? Are there hints of rust on metal parts?  If you have seal failure between your door’s glass panes, the mold/mildew are surrounded by organic material.  This can be a significant problem with mildew and mold. Just like the windows in your home, when you have a door with moisture between the panes of glass, it’s time to replace

Is it weathered, warped and difficult to open and close?

If it has that “retro” look – and, that was NOT your intention…or, it’s now a daily form of exercise just getting the door opened and closed – it’s time for a replacement. 

When you feel your door sticking in the winter and easy to open and close in the summer, that’s a sure sign of energy rushing out your door.   If the door sticks to the door jam, your door probably has exposed areas where you can see light.  This is the first indication of leaking air and an energy efficiency problem.

Does the style and appearance negatively impact your home’s appeal?

Replacing your front door can be one of the biggest “bang-for-your-buck” investments a homeowner can make. The front door sets the tone for the entire experience of the home. The net gain is an increase in energy-efficiency and the addition of dramatic beauty to your a home’s curb appeal.

What is the first impression your home’s exterior is making?  Contact Tri Country Windows and Siding today to explore some options on replacing and installing a new entry door.  We offer free, no-obligation consultations and estimates for your Northern Virginia exterior home improvement needs.

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