Little Hands and Little Paws: Child and Pet-Proofing Windows

One of the best parts of owning a home is the family, including children and pets. You want to keep your most precious family members as safe as possible, and that means child and pet-proofing every area of your home, including the windows.

An open window, especially on a beautiful summer day, is a temptation to both children and pets. Naturally they want to experience the sights, sounds, and smells of outside. This can be dangerous if the window is not reinforced and checked for safety. Take a day to child and pet-proof your windows and look for the following:

  • Make sure that furniture isn’t placed too close to the window so the child or pet doesn’t have a way of climbing up into it.
  • Secure long dangling blind cords by tying them or hanging them above the window.
  • Remove cranks from crank-style windows so the child can’t open it.
  • Double-hung windows can be opened from the top instead of the bottom, keeping it out of reach of pets and children.
  • Ensure that windows open smoothly and close smoothly – a loose window can easily slam down on precious little hands and paws.
  • Replace any broken locks and latches.

After checking all your windows, you may want to invest in some child and pet proofing products to further reinforce window safety:

  • Window stops and locks come in a variety of styles to fit your decor. They prevent windows from being opened beyond a set distance. Four inches is considered the maximum safe opening for children.
  • Cord cleats and cord wraps neatly secure blind cords out of reach.
  • Window guards, specifically made to keep children from falling out, are designed for windows from 14″-58″ in width. Be sure to get the child-safe guards, not the security guards.
  • If you do install guards, remember to always keep one window designated as a fire escape.
  • If your windows are low to the ground and are at risk for broken glass, you can protect them with a window film. The film ensures that if the glass breaks, it will break in one large piece and won’t send glass shards flying everywhere.
  • Lastly, protect your child and pet from bumping their heads by using corner cushions on any sharp edges around the window sill.

Now that your windows are safe, you and yours can sit back, relax, and enjoy the view! For more questions, feel free to contact us at Tri County Windows and Siding.

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