Let the Natural Beauty in with Bay Windows

For the right home and the proper environment, bay windows can be a very versatile and impressive focal point of your home’s living area.  Some critics may think they’re too traditional or outdated, but they have numerous benefits worth carefully considering.

Before we give all the pros and cons of bay windows, let’s make sure we have our terms straight.  Many homeowners confuse the terms “bay window” and “bow window”. The big difference is that bay windows are a unit that comes with three windows, bow windows are usually four or more windows that are installed in an arc. Bay windows contain 3 individual window panels – two jutting out from the main wall at an angle and s center panel perpendicular to the wall and connecting the other 2 panels horizontally.

From a practical evaluation, the 3 window configurations have side windows that open to allow increased air flow and ventilation.  Bay windows are also valued for allowing more natural light into your interior spaces. Since they protrude from the walls of your home, this added space lends itself to create beautiful window seats and reading nooks bathed in natural light. A beautiful place to read, relax or just day dream.  Certainly it will become a unique and usable feature of your home – but, we think the design aesthetic alone is worth the added costs. 

Depending upon the features of your home and your planning vision, bay window designs can be customized in many different ways. A common design features a stationary picture window in the center with multiple options on each side position. Choose from double hung (raise and lower), casement (hinged at the sides) or awning (opened from the bottom and hinged at the top) style windows on each side.

Bay windows have been popular in residence designs for hundreds of years, but modern designs can accommodate any style preference you can imagine.  Tri County Windows and Siding has years of experience working with our clients to create and integrate beautiful bay window designs.  We can recommend brands, styles, and configurations of bay windows to help you make an informed decision about your next remodeling project.  At Tri County Windows, the consultations are always free and the results are always amazing.

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