Keep Your House Safe from Winter Pests

So, you’re getting your house all geared up for winter — your windows are properly maintained, the leaves are off the ground, your heating system is primed, and your gutters are free of debris. Everything thing you can possibly think of is taken care of before the outside turns into a white wasteland, unfit for human existence in the harsh elements. Inside, your home is a warm, climate-controlled oasis, operating with peak energy efficiency.

Although your checklist might look complete, you’re likely leaving yourself susceptible to uncontrollable environmental variables that might and enter and damage your home. Rodents are unwelcome guests who, just like you, seek warmth and shelter when the weather turns.

Tri County Window and Siding has been serving Northern Virginia with home improvement needs for over 20 years, specializing in windows, siding, doors, trim and gutters. We know a thing or two about protecting your home and preventing winter pests.

It’s of the utmost importance to keep your house free and clear from rodents. You might not think a mouse can do much damage to your home, but in fact they can cause devastating problems. One of the easiest entry points for pests to enter is through the tiniest point in your siding. A common house mice has amazing physical characteristics. Think about these stats from the Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management for a moment:

  • They can enter openings as low as ¼ of an inch
  • Jump as high as 18 inches
  • Crawl upside down
  • Survive in below freezing temperatures if food and nesting are available

Problems with your siding occur over time. Seams separate, boards are pushed ajar and your siding suffers from general deterioration as time passes. Any of these symptoms can cause what amounts to a doorway for rodents. Once inside your house, rodents can ransack your electrical wiring, nest in your crawl space and infect your house with bacteria and leave you feeling unsettled.

If any of these symptoms are showing on your exterior, it’s time for need new siding. Taking care of these problems in the short term can leave you spending money on repairs, when in reality the smarter investment is to replace your siding. Fall is the ideal time to complete a siding project, so call for an estimate. We have a price match policy offering a 5% discount for the same or equal products.

Tri County Windows and Siding knows proper treatment and investment into your home’s exterior is essential for the structural longevity. Making intelligent, informed decisions in preventing potential problems starts on the outside — keeping you safe and sound on the inside. We offer free estimates, so don’t hesitate to call us today.

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