Inexpensive Ways to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal 

Curb appeal is the first impression anyone takes away from your home. It is especially important if you are considering selling your home in the near future, but also just makes any home nicer to view. Increasing your curb appeal does not need to be an expensive project. There are plenty of low-cost options available to turn your home from drab to sheik. Here’s a quick look at some inexpensive options to help boost your home’s value.

Power Wash Your Home’s Exterior

Power washing your siding and trim can make a huge difference in the curb appeal of your home. Dirt and mildew build up on siding over the seasons, creating a dirty look. Power washing removes the grime, bringing your home back to a fresh look. Decks, fences, gutters and outdoor patios can also benefit from a power washing session. As you clean, you will notice a huge improvement in the curb appeal of your home.

Consider Replacement Windows and a New Front Door

Although it may seem like a costly project to spruce up your home’s look, nothing will catch the eye of passersby like new, energy-efficient windows. Drab-looking old windows can be an eyesore on an otherwise attractive home. Stylish trim around the windows creates a frame to draw the eye to the beautiful new windows and adds a designer look. In addition to the boost to curb appeal, the savings on energy bills in the coming years will return your investment many times over. Finish off the “facelift” to your house with a brand new front door that adds to the home’s designer aesthetic.

Repair or Replace Aging or Damaged Roofing

If your roof has suffered storm damage, or simply the effects of time, it may need a few repairs to keep it looking new and protecting your home from the elements. Have a professional make an assessment of the state of your shingles and discuss repair options with you. Depending on the age of the current roof, it may be time for a full replacement. There are many different types of shingles available, in varied styles, materials and colors, which can each create a unique look for your home.

Add Some Finishing Touches to Your Entryway

Does your front door have any special touches? Sometimes some molding around the doorframe and a new handle can create a whole new look for the face of your home. It is something simple and won’t cost a lot of money in the long run, but it can update the whole look of your home. Just be careful if your home is a historical property or if you have a homeowners association. You may need to consult the rules before doing this kind of work to the outside of your home.

From cleaning up the yard to adding new hardware to the front door, your neighbors will love what you’ve done with the place. Try out one project at a time, or consider a home renovation to spruce up the place. Either way, you will love the changes and you will increase the value of your home at the same time. Need a free estimate on windows, siding, roofing, gutters or trim? Contact us for your free estimate.

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