5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Front Door

The selection of a proper front entry door to complete the front exterior is crucial to your home’s curb appeal. With seemingly endless style, security, and materials possible, landing on the perfect choice can seem impossible. These tips will guide you through some of the most important considerations to make when searching for a front door. 

Perhaps one of the most basic choices when deciding on any home exterior element is the material, along with factors such as energy efficiency, upkeep, and initial cost. Choose a material that suits your needs: 

  • Steel. Most steel doors can be custom coated or painted to match your chosen exterior color scheme, and there are varied price points that make them affordable for most. Steel doors also provide a relatively high degree of security and do not crack or warp; however, they can dent and such dents may need repair, resulting in maintenance costs. Another drawback is that steel doors tend to conduct heat well, resulting in heat transfer in extreme climates. 
  • Wood. Solid wood provides a classic look and a highly customizable finish that takes both stain and paint well. However, wood is susceptible to moisture and splitting, and does not perform as well in areas with high weather exposure. They often require more maintenance than other types of doors and this can get expensive in addition to a relatively high initial price point.
  • Fiberglass. Fiberglass and composite doors may crack, but often wear the best of the three and as a result boast some of the longest warranties. Most have an insulated foam interior, making them among the most energy efficient. Combined with a fairly moderate price point, fiberglass doors can be a great compromise.

Once you’ve landed on the ideal material for your front door, you can determine the aesthetics that best suit your home. 

General style. Consider the style of your home – is it a Craftsman? A Victorian? Certain doors fit these aesthetics better than others, and taking time to view examples of other homes similar to your own may provide you with an idea of what type of door you’re looking for. 

Size. If you’re remodeling, the existing size of the front door is a good place to start but if you’re looking to boost your curb appeal with a more formidable front door, a door above the standard 32 or 36 inches may be in order. The addition of double doors, sidelights or a transom can boost your front entry from average to grand. 

Color. Once you’ve chosen your door and its surrounding elements, it’s time to consider color. Take a look at your siding and trim choices and research complementary colors within that scheme. Your homeowner’s association or neighborhood association may have guidelines for exterior colors, as well. 

Outside HOA requirements, your front door is the primary fixture everyone from passersby to guests in your home will see. Whether a stately entryway or a fun front door best suits your style, chances are, Tri County Windows & Siding has exactly what you’re looking for. 

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