4 Ways French Doors Transform Your Home

If you’re thinking of replacing the doors that lead out to your patio or planning transitions and exits for your new construction, French doors can transform an indoor space. They’re not just functional, they are as elegant as they are useful, and modern French doors have features that weren’t available in the past.

Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy after installing French doors.

Provide Access

French doors that open simultaneously provide more room to enter and exit than a single door alone. If you have to move furniture and appliances into your space, you’ll find yourself glad you have ample room. On pleasant days, open both so sunlight and fresh air can flow through your home. When you have outdoor gatherings, French doors provide extra space for traffic.

Enhance Your Best Views

French doors act like a frame for your home’s exterior focal points. Sometimes when owners have to replace windows, they choose to install French doors instead for a view with functionality. When your doors draw the eye to backyard landscaping or your patio fountain, rooms feel more spacious.

Add Natural Light

Most of the money you spend on utilities goes toward lighting, heating and cooling your home. Natural lighting lets in warmth and reduces what you spend heating your home during cool weather months. It reduces eye strain and makes people more cheerful and productive. Natural light also inhibits the mold and mildew growth that can occur in dark places.

French doors can also be opened and closed more quickly than sliding glass doors, which allows less indoor air to escape during hot or cold months. The doors at Tri County Windows and Siding are all Energy Star approved, so they are more energy efficient than older French doors or windows.

Improve Value and Security

Sometimes homeowners worry about installing glass doors, but new ones are made from highly durable materials. Select from solid frames, high protection-grade glass and sophisticated locking mechanisms. Improve your property value by adding doors that bring new life into interior spaces.

French doors aren’t just for entering and exiting your home. When you need to create a transition from one room to the next, but you don’t have much space, use French doors instead of a solid door or wall to create a feeling of openness and access.

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