How Your Windows May Be Costing You Money

Windows are much more than just visually appealing portals to the outside world. They have a direct impact on your home’s heating and cooling. Damaged, outdated, or poorly maintained windows can lead to higher energy costs for several reasons. 

How Do Windows Affect Utility Bills?

When windows don’t seal properly, they allow the air from inside your home to escape. During hotter weather, this means your air conditioner must work much harder to keep the inside of your home at the desired temperature. In cold weather, poor window sealing can allow cold drafts to seep into your home while allowing your heated air to escape.

The position of the windows in your home also plays a part in how they affect heating and cooling. For example, those in your attic may be allowing heated air to escape through your top floor. Heat rises, so having poorly sealed windows on your top floor means that all of the hot air your heater pushes into your home simply rises only to escape through your attic. Conversely, those in your basement or the lowest level of your house can easily allow drafts into your home.

Options for Your Windows

A poorly sealed window may not need a full replacement, so it’s up to you how far you want to go with a renovation project. A repair may involve replacing just the window, itself, or the entire frame. Some problems are actually located around the windows in the jambs and trim, or maybe even the surrounding drywall. It’s best to have the experts at Tri County Windows and Siding take a look to let you know your best options for fixing the problem.

If you are experiencing significant increases in your utility bills when the weather changes, it may be time to investigate more energy-efficient options. You can purchase windows with special coating that minimizes light interference and prevents external sunlight from changing your home’s internal temperature.

If you simply need a replacement, Tri County Windows and Siding can certainly help with that and can give you a competitive estimate. However, if you are noticing that many of your windows are in need of repairs, it may be time to consider fully replacing all of the windows in your home. This not only creates more visual harmony, but also protects your home from losing heat or cooling at every level.

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