How to Use Privacy Glass to Add Solitude and Style

Privacy glass doesn’t have to be relegated solely to the bathroom; stylish privacy glass designs can be used in any room of the house to diffuse light and give the space extra depth. Partial walls, wide open spaces, and kitchens are a few places where privacy glass can really look great and brighten a space.

Consider these places for installing privacy glass:

  • Cascade – Cascade glass looks like water trickling down a regular pane of glass. The modern, striated look brightens any room with neutral colors and natural accents. Consider adding this type of glass in kitchens or in interior doors as privacy paneling.
  • Obscure – Obscured or opaque glass looks like glass that has been fogged up. It may contain small round patterns. Useful in most areas of the home, the pattern lets through light while offering a unique design pattern.
  • Tinted – Gray or bronze tinted glass makes windows appear as if they’ve been blurred out with a touch of color. Use these panes to make a room feel warmer or cooler. Their sleek profiles are perfect for rooms with modern décor or workrooms.
  • Fern – Fern privacy glass is designed with small leaf-like patterns throughout the pane. A beautiful construction, these highly decorative glass windows are perfect for entertaining spaces within the home. The pattern almost looks like the glass has frozen over with small ice crystals.
  • Reed – Vertical columns or horizontal rows make up this traditional design. Use in rooms that are more utilitarian, like an office space or areas where a simple pattern can add depth.
  • Other designs – Other decorative privacy glass designs may feature flower patterns, marble effects, or geometrical designs that are highly decorative. When considering glass designs, remember to think about how the other design elements in the room will blend with the glass.

Many modern homes are starting to incorporate unique privacy glass designs instead of walls. They add a significant source of natural light into areas that may not typically be exposed, while keeping the contents of the rooms private. Consider changing your windows to privacy glass instead of investing in new window treatments for an open, but decorated look in living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens. You could also knock out part of a wall and add small privacy glass panes along the bottoms or tops of certain rooms to let in light and add a unique design element.

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