How to Tell When it’s Time for Window Replacement

Your windows open up your space and let in natural light and fresh air. They also contribute to how effectively and efficiently you regulate the temperature in your house. If your’s are old or not functioning properly, it may be time to for window replacement. However, replacement windows can be an expensive solution, so it’s important you know when to repair your windows and when to replace them.

When You Need a Replacement

In many cases involving older windows, replacement is the only answer. Modern technology has created more dependable and energy-efficient options than ever before, and old equipment can’t compare. Replacement windows can be significantly more cost-effective, too, even if you’re ready to replace all your windows.

Replacement is your best bet when you observe:

• Noticeable drafts or temperature differences around your old windows. Improper seals or poor construction can cost you big bucks throughout the year in energy bills, and new windows can help.
• Rot along the window frames. If this is an issue with just one window, a repair might be your answer. However, if several windows are in poor condition, it’s probably time for a change.
• Damaged or broken glass. Broken or cracked glass is difficult, if not impossible, to repair. Repaired glass cannot function to its full potential and may not effectively protect your home from the elements.
• Poor performance. Windows that are difficult to open and close, painted shut, or constantly experience condensation buildup on the sill and around the frame are not operating correctly.
• Thermal Conductivity. People assume that air leaks are the sole cause of energy loss, but thermal conductivity (UV Penetration from the Sun) increases home temperatures and ultimately lead to higher energy costs cooling the inside. New glass technologies with Low E coatings help block the UV which leads to sustained cooler temperatures.

Cases Where Repair Will Suffice

Sometimes, a simple repair made to the existing windows does the trick. For instance, improper installation can cause issues that aren’t related to the windows themselves. If you spot leaks, drafts, or drastic temperature changes around newer windows, it’s probably faulty sealing. In this situation, call a professional to come in and close the gaps.

Worn or peeling weather stripping is also an easy fix and can affect your windows’ energy efficiency. Take the time each year to inspect the condition of your windows’ weather stripping and replace as necessary.

If your home has historic windows, replacement should be a last-resort solution. Very old homes with original or specialty glass (like stained or leaded) deserve special care. Removing these windows from the home often decreases the value of the property. In this instance, it’s better to repair and maintain than switch to something new and less unique.

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