How to Select the Perfect Window for Your Space

When selecting a type of window for your home, many factors need to be considered. Window types are as varied as their styles, and knowing which window types serve what function is an essential first step in selecting your final product. Many window sellers and their blogs will say energy conservation is why you should replace windows. But getting your ROI takes years, often decades – even just to recover the cost.

Windows are great at enhancing your home’s look, making it cozier, cutting drafts, and increasing the property value. There are three major considerations to picking the right window for your home: style, glass, and the frame.


  • Single and double-hung. The most popular type of window features two separate sashes that slide vertically. Single hung windows can only open upward, while double-hung windows allow both sashes to move independent of one another.
  • Casement windows. These windows are hinged vertically and open outward, and they are a popular choice for basements.
  • Awning windows. Awnings look like the light-reducing canopies outside of windows. They open with a spinning lever that pushes them out and upward.
  • Sliders. Instead of opening up and down or outward, sliders glide side to side. This is a great choice when your room has limited space.

Window Glass

A wide number of technologies are available for your window glass. Even if you do not get a light-reducing glass, you can apply coatings to reduce sunlight and keep your home cool. There are several glass choices, including:

  • Number of panes. Single pane glass is just a single sheet, while double or triple-paned windows have air pockets that serve as insulation and prevent air flow. Some manufacturers also use an inert, noble gas like argon between the panes to increase insulation.
  • Low-E glass. This is low-emissivity glass, which has a tiny treatment on the glass surface that decreases heat transfer.
  • Impact resistance. Most manufacturers will give you a choice of how sturdy the glass is. The quality ranges from brittle, don’t-lean-on-this sheets to sturdy, shatter-proof glass.

The Window’s Frame

The frame’s materials need to be selected, too. The number of available materials is very diverse, including metal-based frames like aluminum, but these are three of the most popular choices:

  • Vinyl. This is the most popular choice for homeowners. Vinyl is incredibly easy to clean, provides extra insulation around the glass, and is the cheapest options.
  • Vinyl clad. These windows have a base material that is coated with vinyl facing the home’s exterior. This makes it resistant to outdoor weathering but allows homeowners to see the wood grain from the inside.
  • Wood. Despite requiring more maintenance to clean and restore the wood grain, many homeowners choose wood because of how great it looks. This is perfect for Victorian and restored homes.

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