How to Know When You Need New Gutters

Much like sump pumps and roofs that don’t leak, gutters are the silent heroes of your home.  When they are all properly functioning you barely notice them. 

The job of properly directing the flow of exterior water is daunting responsibility. Gutters help to ensure the structural integrity of your home and serve to minimize the negative impact of water damage to your walls and foundation.

Gutters typically need to be replaced about every 20 years, but can last longer if properly maintained.  Most gutter systems, including galvanized steel and aluminum gutters have an expected lifespan in that 20 year range.  The seamless gutters systems from Tri County Windows and Siding are designed to maintain long term integrity even through severe rainstorms and grueling winter weather conditions

Here are the top 9 Warning signs that you need NEW GUTTERS:

Seam stress.  This stress point, where two horizontal sections meet can separate and leak.  If you have multiple leaks, it may be time to replace everything.

Broken fasteners and gutter sagging.   These pieces of metal hold your gutter to your roof and keep it level. You can repair a few fasteners, but if these problems persist, the whole system may have to be replaced.

Cracking and rust spots.  Rust spots help identify cracks and cracks create leaks. If your repairs are failing, it is time to replace. 

Gutters pulling away from the house.  If you keep replacing fasteners but spaces continue to appear between your roofline and your gutters, your fascia boards may be rotting. A gutter replacement will fix the fascia problems along with giving you new gutters.

Peeling Paint. As gutters pull away from your roof, water can seep over the rear edge and onto your siding or trim. Peeling paint means this has been happening for a while. Consider replacing your gutters.

Rot and Holes.  Unchecked rainwater can cause long term damage – especially in places where paint has already peeled.  Look closely at window seals and door jams and consider other problematic area. It may be time to replace gutters.

Eroded Landscape.  This is the classic sign of overflowing gutters. Mildew on exterior walls can also accumulate in these areas. Check these spots of your gutters for more systemic problems – repair or replace.

Improperly pitched gutters. If the pitch of the gutters is not maintained, water and dirt starts to pool and causes spill over.  If the pitch cannot be properly adjusted, it is time to replace.

Flooded Basement.  As water constantly pours near your foundation, leaks into your basement can be inevitable and can create costly damage. Before you remodel your basement, you should go ahead and replace your gutters as well.

Choosing the right replacement system.The gutter system you choose can have a lasting and positive impact on your home for years to come.  We work directly with manufacturers to provide the best possible pricing and will match any pricing estimates that are lower than ours.  Allow us to put our experience to work for you Tri County Windows and Siding.  Get a free, no-obligation estimate today.

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