How Low-E Windows Can Save You Big Bucks

There are things you can count on in the summer months: 1) Pretty much everywhere it’s gonna be hot and 2) your monthly utilities will be a source of consternation.

We’re often at the receiving end of phone calls from customers who are concerned with not only keeping the hot air out but also saving money in doing so. It’s bad enough that the weather outside is uncomfortable, but shelling out big bucks to keep the inside of your home bearable only compounds the problem.

Lucky for you, we at Tri County Windows and Siding carry the industry’s best products from top brands such as Alside, Andersen, and Simonton. Combine that with over 20 years experience and unmatched professional workmanship, installing new windows will have your house operating at peak efficiency in no time.

Here are three ways how installing energy-efficient windows can solve your summer problems:

Keeping the heat out…
A trademark feature of energy-efficient windows is the Low-E Glass Coating. On the solar energy spectrum, ultraviolet, visible and infrared rays all are contained within the beams of light that pass through your windows. What the Low-E coating does is reflect away the infrared and UV rays and allows visible light to come through uninhibited.

Keeping the cold air in…
Most Low-E windows are double-paned, which leaves four potential coating surfaces. The first surface faces outdoors, the second and third both face each other in the middle, while the fourth surface faces indoors. As your HVAC unit pumps cold air into your home, its natural reaction is to escape through cracks, seals, and imperfections. Meanwhile, hot air from the outside enters your home under inverse condition. The Low-E Windows are working on both ends.

Saving you money…
With Low-E coatings, you cut down your HVAC system’s output by maintaining a controlled, comfortable environment. Less usage, in turn, solves many of the financial issues that come with constantly overworking your HVAC. Not only does it take more fuel, but it also lessens the wear and tear of your machine and prevents you from paying big bucks for a replacement.

Tri County Windows and Siding has served Northern Virginia with over 20 years of home improvement experience. We carry the country’s top manufacturers and provide factory-direct doors and windows at affordable options.

In fact, if you receive a quote lower than ours, we’ll match it and provide an additional 5% off. Contact us now at Tri County Windows and Siding.

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