Hopper Windows Offer Unique Answer

Basement levels or floors situated below the exterior grade can be tricky when your goal is to increase natural light and improve natural ventilation.  In many homes, Hopper Windows can be the unique answer to some of these types of challenges.  Hopper windows can certainly be used elsewhere in your homes – but, they are most well-known for their versatility in basement living areas.

Hopper Windows sometimes get confused with awning windows.  Their appearance is quite similar with several key differentiators.  While awning windows are hinged at the top of the sash and usually tilt/open outward, hopper windows are hinged at the bottom of the sash and tilt/open inward. You can imagine the difference this makes in functionality, security and usability. 

The position of the hinged sash prevents unwanted dirt or debris from entering your home.  When closed the windows are secure and prevent airflow and moisture. This is a key benefit for any window solution that needs to perform well close to the ground level. Overall, these windows are ideal for spaces that require a window to open toward the home’s interior.

Hopper Windows: Perfect for Basement Use

Besides being a great solution for basement use, the hopper window is well suited for other areas including attics and small spaces where other windows solutions may not work as well. If necessary, windows can be opened fully to maximize airflow and facilitate cleaning.

Keep in mind – these windows do take up space when you open them. This means you have to consider what space is needed if you install these windows along walkways or outdoor patios. You do not want them obstructing the path or getting in the way of outdoor furniture. 

Also, this window style does tend to catch more dirt – however, they are perhaps the easiest to clean because of their inward tilt.  Further, they are surprisingly energy efficient because they close and lock tight. When winds blows against these windows, the seals actually tighten and reduces air leaks.

Our Experience with Hopper Windows at Tri County Windows and Siding

Our goal is to help you find the most affordable solution to solve your natural lighting and ventilation challenges. Tri County Windows and Siding has experience with installing hopper windows for a number of different applications. We can help re-structure your available space or replace as less-efficient window with one that has newer manufacturing technology.

Take advantage of our experience with installation services throughout northern Virginia today and call us for a free consultation and estimate. From start to finish, we are confident you will love the experience.

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