Hinged Patio Doors Popular Option with Homeowners

When you are considering an upgrade or remodel that involves your egress to an outdoor deck or patio, one very popular option is a hinged patio door.  These configurations are also commonly called “Atrium Doors”.  Visually, they appear much like French Doors with 2 side-by-side door panels.  But, unique to this design, the door hinges for the operable door are mounted in the center of the structure; hinged to the same jamb as the inoperable door panel.

As you go through the planning process to determine which type of door best fits your situation, one factor carries the most weight: the layout of your room.  This has the largest impact on your decision concerning door style. 

If your doors will be close to furniture or other obstructions, a sliding patio door could be easiest solution. Sliding doors allow you to plan out the design of your space without limitations caused by the doors.  Likewise, if space (or budget) is not a limitation, French Doors have great design appeal.  However, you will need to allow space for BOTH  moving doors to wing in and open.

Hinged Patio Doors

The hinged patio door – or, Atrium Door, could be the happy medium between these other two styles. You will still get the same unobstructed views, but with the simple elegance of a single opening door panel. Upon first glance, these doors are often perceived as “French Doors”.  However, upon closer inspection, the operation is simpler and requires less free floor space to open. 

As you think through your project, remember that these center hinged doors are available in “inswing” or “outswing” designs.  Inswing refers to a door patio door that swings into the interior of a home. And, Outswing refers to the active panel swinging outward.

Hinged patio doors are a contemporary design that provide energy efficiency, movement between spaces, and a variety of materials and finishes. The hinged style is perfect for providing homeowners with plenty of natural light while opening up the space for indoor/outdoor entertainment needs.

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Hinged patio doors are a contemporary design that provide energy efficiency plus, unfettered movement between spaces.  Designs may include a full-length pane of glass or other decorative designs on one or both of the door panels. Overall, there’s no compromise on natural light – and, like either French or sliding doors, you will open up the space for all your indoor/outdoor entertainment needs.

Remember: Tri County Windows and Siding only uses door vendors that have been carefully considered for quality and durability. They are manufactured in a variety of materials and finishes. Regardless of whether you choose wood-grained textured steel, fiberglass, or smooth steel – every hinged patio door we install gets our full Tri County end-to-end service.

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