Guide to Buying Windows

Don’t just window shop for your new windows. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home for better energy efficiency or purchase windows for a new construction project, this guide can help you understand your options so you can make your investment with confidence.

Window Style Options

  • Picture Windows. One of the most common and versatile types of windows, picture windows don’t open but instead provide a “picture” of the world outside.
  • Sliding Windows. When you need ventilation and natural light in smaller areas like bedrooms and kitchens, sliding windows are the perfect solution. Most modern sliding windows can even be opened from either side.
  • Casement Windows. Swinging either to the side to open, casement windows have two panes of solid glass. They are known for their ability to fit almost anywhere, bringing light and air to spaces previously not thought possible.
  • Single/Double Hung Windows. Single and double hung windows may look the same, with one pane of glass above another, but they operate differently. Single hung windows can only open from one direction, whereas double hung windows can open from both the top and bottom panes of glass.
  • Awning Windows. Much like their namesake, awning windows by pushing or cranking the bottom of the window out to form at an angle. When fully opened, these windows can provide shelter from the elements, helping you to get fresh air on rainy days.
  • Hopper Windows. Hopper windows are essentially the opposite of awning windows. Rather than opening out from the bottom, these windows open from the top and typically crank inward.
  • Bow Windows. Relying on custom designed curved window panels, bow windows are certainly one of the pricier styles of windows on the market. These windows help create a unique aesthetic for both the outside and inside of your home.
  • Bay Windows. Similar to the bow window, bay windows also protrude from your wall to create visual interest for the outside of your home. The key difference is that bay windows are typically built to house a seating nook or shelving unit.
  • Garden Bay Windows. A garden bay window is another style of window set into your wall. These miniature bay windows act as greenhouses to help your indoor plants thrive.

Window Options


  • Traditional charming aesthetic
  • Exterior frames are typically cladded over with Vinyl or Aluminum
  • Expensive and typically not very durable or energy efficient


  • Long-lasting and won’t bend, crack, peel or warp
  • Frames are through and through with the same color
  • Out Dated
  • Not energy efficient and can’t mimic the natural charm of wood


  • Highly Durable in most Climate Regions
  • Many colors available with smooth or textured stained/dyed vinyl
  • Lower-cost with higher energy efficiency options and easy install


  • Highly Durable and much stronger than wood and non-reinforced vinyl
  • Smooth surface allows for painting and re-painting
  • Most expensive option with higher energy efficiency options and a complex installation process

Specialty Windows/Custom Projects

Despite the diverse range of windows available on the market, there will always be projects with unique specifications. When you’re in need of a specialty window or starting a custom project, you can trust Tri County Windows & Siding to help you get started.

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